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Company Overview

SAISH GSE Pvt Ltd is a pioneering company, promising to deliver Innovative, Future-ready and Cost-effective Aircraft Maintenance and Ground Support Engineering Solutions to aviation industry.Ground Support Engineering (GSE) is an important pillar of aviation operations and maintenance, and directly contributes to the efficiency of operations.

The system of GSE in use today, whether in military or in civil aviation, has several unaddressed pain-points. While the operators are addressing these pain-points in a piece-meal manner, a lasting set of solutions is yet to be evolved.

Our Vision

SAISH GSE will be the preferred partner to its world-wide customers for delivering World-class Ground Support Engineering Solutions.

Our Mission

SAISH GSE shall continually generate a SUPERIOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE through its INNOVATIVE, FUTURE-READY & COST-EFFECTIVE Ground Support Engineering Solutions.

Our Tagline

At SAISH GSE, we are committed to address the pain-points of the Aircraft Maintenance and deliver a new generation of Ground Support Engineering Solutions that are Innovative, Cost-effective, World-class and above all Future-ready.

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Our tagline epitomizes the resolve of the founders to address the pain-points of the present Ground Support Solutions by Innovating Optimized, Future-ready and Cost-effective engineering solutions which project into the Next generation.

Our wings are not confined to aviation industry alone. We serve Defence and Allied industries too.

alisandra-font alisandra-font - Our resolve to Innovate unto the NEXT generation.