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Our Products

SAISH GSE is proud of its capability to design and deliver innovative and cost-effective ground support solutions to our valued customers. Our products are infused with innovations to enhance work comfort, improved process efficiencies and overall economy of efforts, and that makes them cut-above the others.

We provide universal solutions as well as highly customized solutions for Aviation, Defence and Allied Sectors. The product range of SAISH GSE encompasses a host of ground handling equipment, test equipment, measuring equipment, tools and safety equipment.

We believe in meeting the customer requirements in totality with the desired customisation. So, we do not maintain inventory beyond a couple of units. Our inventory carrying costs are therefore low and this is another way to increase value for money of our customers. While we use network of our partners for realizing the product, we own the responsibility for its delivery, warranties and aftersales. We have adequate arrangements in place to ensure support for the delivered equipment for its useful life period.

Ground Safety Equipment

The purpose of this range of equipment is to prevent unsafe situations for aircraft and its systems while on ground. Our range of products in this range will protect the aircraft and its systems from out-of-limit environmental conditions and avoidable human-factor mistakes. We also have sub-range in this category to protect the operators from extreme environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, severe sunlight, high noise levels etc.

  • - Light Weight Wheel Chocks
  • - Composite Safety Cones
  • - Safety Flags, Pins and Locks
  • - Control Surface Locks
  • - Aircraft Covers
  • - Personal Safety Equipment
  • - Sun Glasses
  • - Caps & Capes
  • - Working Gloves
  • - Ear Defenders etc

Ground Handling Equipment

Ground Handling Equipment are used to maneuver the aircraft on ground and providing access to operators and passengers. Safety of operations is paramount in use of these equipment, hence in addition to functionality, reliability is of primary concern. Our innovative products in this range are

  • - Universal Towbars
  • - Military Towbars
  • - Steering Arms
  • - Pushback Tugs
  • - Towbarless Tugs
  • - Universal Cockpit Ladders
  • - Passenger Ladders & Ramps
  • - Servicing Ramps & Pits

Servicing Equipment

Servicing Equipment are essential to verify and certify the airworthiness of the aircraft, before it takes to flying. These equipment facilitate servicing activities such as Checks, Inspections, Tests, Replenishments etc. On-time performance greatly depends on ability of these equipment to efficiently deliver their respective functions with ease. Our products combine ease of usage with efficient delivery of functions. The product range includes

  • - Gas Carts
  • - Fire Extg Carts
  • - Engine Oil Carts
  • - Aircraft Weighing System
  • - Control Surface Protractor
  • - Tool Cribs/ Boxes
  • - O/I/D Level Test Equipment

Payload Handling Equipment

Payload Handling Equipment are very vital for preparation of the payload, transporting them to the aircraft and loading them on the aircraft. Key requirements of these equipment is adaptability and precision in handling payloads of various sizes, shapes and weights. We provide unique solutions in this range such as

  • - Scissor Ladders
  • - Bomb Trolley
  • - Missile Trolley
  • - Drop Tank Trolley
  • - Ejection Seat Trolley
  • - Ejection Seat Crane
  • - Servicing Trolleys
  • - Tools Trolley

MRO Services

Saish GSE offer a host of related services to Aerospace, Defence and allied sectors to supplement and complement our range of products.
Aviation MRO We offer Component MRO services for airborne components in a facility to be approved by both military and Civil aviation regulatory authorities.
AMC of GSEs We undertake annual maintenance contract for maintenance and repair of aircraft tools, test and ground support equipment used in aircraft production and overall facilities.
MRO Equipment Source, supply, commission and provide product support for Special tools, Test and GSEs procured from other OEMs.
MRO Consultancy Provide consultancy services related to conceptualisation, establishment, regulatory approval and operation of Aviation MRO for both military and civil aviation MRO.

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