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The most unique capability of SAISH GSE is the unmatched collective experience of its founders and their passion and resolve to address the paint-points of aircraft maintenance. Their vast experience encompassing the entire gamut of aircraft life cycle covering design, Manufacturing, operations and maintenance make them a valuable source of knowledge and skills about what is required, what is lacking, what needs to be done and how best can it be done.

Synergistic Collaboration Model

We at SAISH GSE derive our business capabilities through our innovative ‘Synergistic Collaboration Model’. This model combines our in-house capabilities with capabilities of our collaborating partners to generate synergy of capabilities.

SAISH GSE Saish GSE with its in-depth experience and leadership, integrates the capabilities of its collaborating partners to deliver a synergistically enhanced product to our customers.

We have developed enduring relationships with several design houses, manufacturing companies, suppliers, as well as test laboratories. We choose these partners, through a well-defined process, for their demonstrated niche capabilities, which are essential for our product realization process. We ensure that each of our collaborating partner continually maintains a robust Quality Management System. This model has been evolved over a period and nurtured well to confirm to the regulatory, technological and compliance standards.

Niche capabilities of our collaborating partners are spread across a range of technologies and manufacturing processes. Such a combination of capabilities is otherwise extremely difficult to develop in a single organisation without cost-overruns. This Innovative model is at the core of our capabilities to deliver Innovative and cost-effective products to our customers.

In our products you will experience the goodness of the rare capabilities of our partners and the World-class integration and leadership capabilities of SAISH GSE

The essence of this business model is that we make use of existing capabilities and capacities of our partners to deliver INNOVATIVE & FUTURE-READY products to our customers. The advantage of this model is huge savings on capital expenditures goes to our customers, giving them Higher Value for Money and in return SAISH GSE gets a Delighted Customer.

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